About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog page! I started blogging as an outlet for all of the crazy projects that we will be undertaking after buying our first home!  We were married in May of 2013 and were so excited to finally move into a house with our own yard and not living in apartments anymore with noisy neighbors that you can hear through the walls!

My biggest challenge is to come up with affordable ways to decorate an entire house with several rooms.  I am by no means an interior decorator, but I hope to create a comfy, welcoming atmosphere.  I also have a super cute, usually hyper dog named Ralphie, who will most likely be a big part of my posts either in pictures or just referencing his everyday antics.  I am most excited that he will have his own yard to run around in and not have to be leashed in order to go to the bathroom!

I am so excited to share these parts of my life and hope to maybe help others in the same position and meet some others along the way to share ideas 🙂

Ralphie the first day we got him

Ralphie the first day we got him (he is a little bigger now)

One of my wedding pictures

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