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Sadly we haven’t finished our laundry room, so I do not have an update on that YET!  It shall come sometime, when we order our counter top 🙂

This weekend is all about, you guessed it, LOVE.  But not just love, what do you do to celebrate love, and how.  I don’t mean THAT (hey you with the dirty mind!).  If you are like me, you want to be creative and do something different every once in a while.  Do you have a tradition?  We definitely do, order P.F. Chang’s takeout and eat at home!  We usually get a gift card from Ray’s sister for Christmas, if not for this restaurant, somewhere, and we will still go to Chang’s for Valentine’s dinner.  We don’t like crowded restaurant’s for a special day.  We like to relax at home, by the fire, maybe candle light, although we both eat pretty fast, we try to take our time, enjoy our pork dumpling appetizer, Mongolian beef, Kung Pao chicken, and then some Great Wall of chocolate for dessert.

great wall

Wall of Chocolate

I got a nice bottle of red from a coworker that we can enjoy with the meal this year, and we can have left overs for lunch the next day!  We also feel better letting our dog Ralphie enjoy the night with us, rather than sticking him in his crate!


For the beginning of the day, since it is on a weekend, YAY, I wanted to do something fun.  Where to start…  Ray is an event guy, he likes sports, and music, and cars, and events and traveling.  I didn’t have time to put anything together for this weekend, but for Christmas I was like THE event master, so I planned for stuff around this month (January AND March, go figure haha).  First place I started was Google, duh.  Let me put together a list for you.  And by the way, during my search, I was contacted by this wonderful person who actually liked my blog and told me about FOMO (Fear of missing out).  You know, when you want to go see something and you have that feeling you are going to miss it?  Well, that is what apps and Google, and all these neat special event notification website emails are for!!

  • Goldstar: This website is fantabulous.  (I had to look the origin of this word up since I use it a lot, I heard it in movies and shows, and interestingly enough I found it has been in use since at least 1957, and it is used in Van Morrison’s song “Moondance,” little tidbit for ya!).  I found Goldstar a few years ago when looking up a good price for tickets to a Philadelphia Brewery Tour.  Their price was a lot better, you get a wrist band and special package prices, etc…  They send you notifications by email, and give you discounts to OTHER upcoming events, what could be better?  Well now I get notifications for all the best upcoming events in the area, I am hooked, and in the loop, and never miss out on the best events!  I bought tickets to the History Museum, AND the Travel Show at the Philadelphia Convention Center in March through this site that I gave to Ray in a package of event tickets for a Christmas present.
  • Groupon: Everyone knows Groupon, heck I buy  more than event tickets on here.  They definitely have the plethora of items and services to pick from.  I bought concert tickets to see G Love and Special Sauce at the Filmore as part of Ray’s ticket holiday extravaganza package.
  • Ticketmaster: This is the go to most of the time when looking for concert tickets.  Groupon is great for deals, but most tickets are not on there.  I actually do surveys sometimes to get Ticketmaster gifct cards!  Concert tickets can get expensive!  It is nice to turn on reminders because once those popular concerts go on sale, they SELL OUT QUICK!
  • Facebook: Believe it or not, free events, and just simple little friendly invites go through Facebook.  My friend is a comedian and they started a campaign to offer $5 comedy and informative shows, no service fees, through goodgoodcomedy.com (I think it is Philly area only), and they spread the news by inviting everyone through a Facebook event.  The first event for my friend Steve was January 9th, I think I was the first to snatch a ticket!  It was awesome and so informative with some comedy thrown in, I had a great time and was so glad to be informed and NOT miss out!
  • Stubhub: This one is the best for sports in my opinion.  Last minute if we wanted to see a world series game, we came to Stubhub.  My mom actually won standing room only tickets to game 3 of the World Series, 2008, the year we won, the year I met Ray, it was a winning season, and the year I met my future, now permanent husband 🙂
  • Eventbrite: This site has actually been around a while.  A lot of times when I was searching events, especially when I was planning my wedding, I would come across Eventbrite.  They have a lot of expos and show cases.  They also have a lot of the big marathons and running events like Tough Mudder and The Lucky Run.  OR you can sell your own tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/l/sell-tickets/

So what are you doing this Valentine’s Day?  Hanging in?  Going out?  Did you decorate?  I always do!  Here are my mantel and Dining room table ready for the Chang’s dinner and wine 🙂  Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!!!!