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I can’t answer that question.  But it got me thinking, I feel like I need something to organize my own life.  Should I get a life coach?  Hm, I have heard it can be helpful.  But how much do they cost?  I don’t think I can afford it 😦   A friend of mine said, well you are taking an Information Systems and Data Analysis class in Excel and learning how to make stuff pretty in Excel and use pivot tables and do correlation tables, and use the solver tool, and statistical analysis, why not use those skills?  So don’t you know, I did!  Well, I started, with some tabs for each aspect of my life, and just a simple list, trying to prioritize things.  I will post a picture of what I have so far.  I think it is a good start.  My husband will probably think I am nuts!  I just needed something to ease this whirlwind in my brain.

I did get a little upset when I found out I have dig into my savings to pay for my class this semester, $3004 for one class, 7 weeks online is a bit much.  Not to mention I will probably be paying off the rest of my undergrad and grad loans until I am 70!!!  I like to go on vacation, so my savings is for that luxury.  Plus all the house projects we want to do, and other fun stuff in life.  I will complain about it until it is paid off, and deal with it.  Rather than pay it off, and live without those luxuries.  That is my choice!

What do you do to organize life?  I don’t mean write to do lists.  Those get messy!  I used to do that, especially with grocery shopping, I mean that is a given.  But for the long term stuff.  Do you have goals?  Do you have things in life you just have to keep in a book somewhere, on your computer, in a file?  I am interested how others do this.  I never really had a technique for this.  But now I need to, because it has to be tamed!  Thanks for reading 🙂