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All the Christmas decorating really gets me in the mood for Christmas.  Not the shopping, not the music, not the traffic.  I love decorating my home (still feels new, even though we have been here a year!).  We get new ornaments every year to add to the tree, and add one or two unique items around the house.  I love this simple little silver deer statue that we found at The Christmas Tree Shop, $7!!!  Perfect for the mantel.  And I changed out the pine cones from Thanksgiving, to ornaments in the glass vase!  Still kept a few pine cones as decor. And one of my FAVORITE additions is Ralphie’s ‘mini’ stocking above the fireplace (how cute, right?!).

christmas deer silver  ornaments in vase on mantel  stockings hung by fire

There is something nostalgic about using my grandmom and mother’s decorations as well.  They are a tradition and will be out every year, no matter what!  It’s the little things…

I bought a new ornament this year to commemorate my mother.  I miss her every day, and what better way to represent her presence during the Christmas season then by adding a special memorial to our tree ❤

mom ornament

And of course, the lights, OH the lights 🙂  Last  year we had one lit deer on our porch, but only plugged him in on Christmas day.  We needed to do more set up for electric outlets, extension chords, weatherized stations, etc… I am glad Ray is so good at it, I don’t have the patience!  I will post more pics when it gets closer to Christmas as we are still working on the finishing touches 😉

I am excited to host 14 people this year for Christmas!  We are doing a secret santa, and having a nice big dinner with turkey, ham, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, tons of veggies, lots of desserts.  I can’t wait!

What are you doing for Christmas?  Are you getting excited?  Comment about your plans and decorations, I love to hear all the different traditions!