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My coworker shared a link to a Pinterest pin for a DIY Beer Advent Calendar.  As soon as I saw this, I just HAD to make one for my husband.  There are many ways you can construct your calendar, the one I found had each bottle wrapped, in a beer box, with number tags.  If you live in Canada, you can actually pre-order a ‘calendar’ that is already constructed for you filled with craft beer: Craft Beer Advent Calendar.

I started by taking a trip to the local liquor store that sells loose bottles (they have a ‘make your own six pack’ aisle).  I picked up a beer box on the way in and filled it up.  I chose several different types of seasonal beers, as well as a couple that I think Ray may like from different countries.

24 beers for advent calendar

I happened to have a pack of white paper lunch bags.  I wrote out numbers 1 – 24 on the bags in alternating red and green marker.  Then I put each beer in a bag and stapled them.

Numbered beer bags

We have a big old cabinet in the garage, so I lined up the bags and added a sign that I made with sharpies and construction paper (high tech, I know haha).  And wah lah, there ya have it!

Beer advent calendar

Beers in bags christmas calendar advent

beers in bags for christmas advent calendar