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I can’t believe it is already November, time flies!  This year was our first Halloween in the house (Since we didn’t move in until November of last year).  I was really excited for trick-or-treaters so we stocked up on candy and did some outside decorations.


Since we just had the landscaping done, we sat at the end of the driveway with our candy and blankets (it was cold!).  I still had my zombie makeup on from my work costume (dead prom queen).  Ralphie had his Yoda costume on (he wouldn’t wear the ears).  Ray had some Halloween music playing on his cell phone, and we had some seasonal drinks.


To my surprise, we did not get many kids.  I am estimating about 20, give or take a few.  Our neighbors started a fire in their fire pit next door when they got back from trick-or-treating with their kids, so I went over and asked them if this was the normal amount.  Apparently, since not many people on our street give out candy, most people do not come down the street 😦  We were a little disappointed, but Ray said next year we will just decorate a lot more and hope people see early on that we will definitely be giving out candy.

I love decorating for the season, so we will have to invest in bigger, better decorations for next year.  We had a few little things around the house and this was our Halloween mantle.


Just recently it has been updated with Thanksgiving decor!  Changed the eyeballs and skull vase to pine cones.  Switched out the big skull for a turkey.  Changed the vases of bloody roses and skeleton hands, to fall flowers, pine cones and berries.  And of course switched out the picture of Ralphie (I used the Walking Dead – Dead Yourself app to create a Halloween picture of Ralphie LOL).


I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas, only 7 weeks of shopping!  Have a great November!