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We are planning a trip to Italy in May 2015, and when I started thinking about making a list, I remembered how stressful it can be to try and remember everything.  Whenever I travel, I like to be prepared, comfortable, and entertained.  I am a little impatient, so I need plenty of options to entertain myself while waiting in an airport terminal, or waiting at a hotel for my room to be ready.  You never know how long you will be waiting because sometimes there are delays for various reasons.  Not to mention, airlines lose luggage quite frequently.  It is always good to be prepared, and if you check bags at an airport, it is best to have some essentials on hand (in a carry on) just in case!  When we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon last year, I think I over packed, but at least I was prepared.  I have had many friends ask for suggestions when packing for a honeymoon or big trip.  I also participate in wedding forums to help brides when they are planning.  So I created a Polyvore board and list with my go to essential travel needs.  When you click on the picture, it will bring you to the Polyvore site, that will have links to each of the products.

travel essentials

1. Document holder – something convenient that can hold all your tickets, id, passport, transfers, etc…  This is handy to slip in your purse or tote, since you have to constantly take these things out and have it at the tip of your fingers.

2. Gum – I don’t know about you, but my ears pop and hurt during take off and landing on the airplane, gum is a MUST.

3. Eyeliner – because I look tired without it, if I were stuck in the airport overnight because of some freak storm, well I would need this so I don’t look like a zombie the next day!

4. Portable cell phone charger – this thing is great if you don’t have a plug close by.  Not only convenient, but completely helpful if your cell phone starts dying! I use mine a lot when I am bored.

5. Chapstick – my lips chap easily, and this is a no brainer.

6. Mini lotion – you can only take small bottles of anything through airport security, so a mini bottle of lotion is a must.

7. Face wipes – again in case of a delay, freak storm, whatever, these are great when you might need a refresher.

8. Sunblock – another no brainer, especially for a beach vacation.  I bring it every time, yet I still get sunburnt because I am stubborn and think umbrellas keep me safe (they do not).

9. Tote – to hold all of the essentials, and one that is big enough for magazines, spare clothes/shoes, and possibly a laptop if necessary.

10. MP3 player – yes this picture is an ipod shuffle because they didn’t have any other options to choose from.  I have a zune, but whatever your fancy, great to have for the plane and whenever you have to wait.

11. Magazine – to read, even while listening to music.  Keeping myself entertained is key, so I don’t get too antsy.

12. Cardigan – it is always good to keep layers, and depending on the season, a heavy coat would be good as well.  But even in the summer, the plane, or transfer vehicles can be chilly, the more options you have, the better.

13. Sweatpants – I don’t need to look cute in an airport, sweatpants, or a maxi skirt are comfy and easy to travel in.

14. Flats – Again I like to have options, can’t hurt to have an extra pair of shoes.

15. Pain reliever – I get headaches easily, especially if I am stressed.  This also has to be a mini bottle, or one of those 2 packs so you can go through security.

16. Flip flops – so I usually wear flip flops since they ask you to take your shoes off at airport security, and then I keep my flats in my carry on in case my feet get cold.

17. Skort – if I am wearing a skort, I might bring sweatpants in my carry on, or vice versa.  I love skorts, you don’t have to worry about showing anything, and be comfortable at the same time.  These are great during the summer.

18, Neck pillow – even though I may not fall asleep on the plane, it is nice to be comfortable.  Those little pillows they sometimes hand out are not very supportive.  After a car accident I had in December 2000, I have a bad back/neck.  This is a must for me so I don’t end up with a strained muscle in my neck.

Not only is it important to have these essentials, but DO NOT FORGET YOUR TICKETS, IDs, and DOCUMENTS!  I know it sounds dumb, but yes, this happens.  I always double check my reservations, have everything in my phone, and copies of documents just in case.  Remember to make your reservations way in advance for airfare, hotel, car rental, transfers, etc….

EXTRA EXTRA:  I recently heard about a genius car sharing option that I wish I knew about sooner!   It is called RelayRides, which is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace, and rentals are available in most U.S. cities, as well as airports. Not only is it mostly more affordable for the renter (depending on the car and condition), but also a great money making opportunity for those who don’t drive often and can spare a day or five.  RelayRides has been all over the news, and you can read more about them and follow them on Facebook.

I hope you have found this post useful, and I would love to hear suggestions on what you deem travel essential.  I love to hear feedback and your comments make me happy (when I get an email that a new comment is added it is just like Christmas morning! haha).  Toodles!