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Ray has been busy!  I am so happy with the closet space and added the vanity that was in the bedroom.  I still need to get window treatments and we plan on eventually adding in an overhead lighting fixture. That requires a lot of work, wiring, cutting into the ceiling etc…. That will have to wait.  So here are some pictures of this GLORIOUS room.

dressing room closet room   dressing room closet room

dressing room closet room         dressing room closet room

dressing room vanity closet room

What do you think?  I can’t wait to get nicer window treatments, I am still torn on what to choose.  I don’t have to keep this rug, but I did buy it in Morocco so I need to use it somewhere!  This is an ‘in between picture’

Dressing room closet room rug

Real pictures, lots of mess, hey I am human!  I look forward to posting more updates to the house.  We have been working diligently on the back yard but it is taking FOREVER.  I wish we had the money to just pay some landscapers, I mean this yard needs a total overhaul…  I just don’t think it is bad enough to warrant a popular show coming in and doing it for us on t.v.! HAHA!  Although, that would be amazing… A girl can dream.  We did get vines off the one pergola, took 2 days of cutting!  Here is one pic of it almost all gone, and my next post will be updates on the yard! Have a great rest of the week!

Backyard reno remodel