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So we BOUGHT some of the closet pieces, but we still need one more piece that was not in store…  We hope to go again next weekend so we will have the complete set and get it installed. 

In the mean time, I am going to post about a new challenge I entered to help get me back to my pre-wedding weight!  I did the Jamie Eason Live Fit program before the wedding and lost 33 pounds!  It really was an amazing outcome and I am so glad I did it, and know that I can do it again.  The reason I gained back the weight was because after the wedding I decided I wanted to eat unhealthy again, stopped working out, and knew it would eventually add up.  Jamie Eason recently posted about a new challenge on her Facebook page via Labrada Nutrition called “The Lean Body Challenge.”  I will spare most of the details (you can click on the link for the resources), but I was excited to give myself a goal and hold myself accountable for my actions.  I had to take a couple before pictures, and once the 12 weeks is up, take after pictures and mail in a packet with some essay questions.  The sign up ended February 17th, but another one starts sometime this summer. 

There is a Facebook page where all the women participants can post questions and results (they have a separate one for the males).  It is great support and motivation.  The women post pictures of their progress and it is so helpful for everyone to see the progress potential.  The grand prize is awarded to one woman and one male, and the other winners are decided by age group.  Isn’t it fun to actually have something to look forward to?  Even if I don’t win I still get a t-shirt and a completion certificate 🙂

Is anyone else doing a challenge or making a lifestyle change?  I feel so much better, less bloated, and just all around healthier by exercising and eating clean.  I can’t wait to share my progress down the line!  Hopefully I will be back to this physique!