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I took a little hiatus since we were having friends over this past weekend, we have been busy putting stuff away, organizing, putting together some new furniture, and shoveling all this darn snow we have been getting!

Ray found the PERFECT floating shelf to act as our ‘mantel’ and the clock looks so cool right above!!  While researching the average mantel height, I found the norm is between 54 and 64 inches.  Our fireplace is only about 44.5 inches high (where the tile ends), we did not want to put it too much higher than the 54 inches.  The fireplace itself is only at 32 inches (stops under the tile).  My friend suggested to cut out cardboard/paper and tape it to the wall to get an idea of where to place everything.  This is the picture with our cardboard rendering lol.

Fireplace clock and shelf test

At first I felt there was a lot of space between the shelf and the clock, but when I put things on the shelf, it looked much better.  The shelf has about a 10 inch depth, so that also makes a difference in the spacing between the tile and the shelf.  This picture was taken from sitting on the couch looking up a little.  After Ray hung the clock and the shelf, I was ready to decorate the ‘mantel!’

Our first fire!





We bought the last two pieces from Burlington Coat Factory, we had a gift card and they have a nice little home section!  It is not matchy matchy, but I think the pieces look nice around each other.  I purchased the wheat and curly sticks in the vases from Michaels. The one thing I didn’t take a close up picture of is the vase with limes inside (my husband actually picked this out in Target)!  We have a green stripe in our rug and we want to use that as an accent color in the room.  Did you notice something different in the full picture?  We also got a new t.v. stand!  We have been using the old tan one, that doesn’t really go with the room, look at the difference!






I am really loving all the black furniture (shelf, coffee table, tv stand, mantel shelf).  It is all coming together!

In my next post I will be posting pictures of the coffee table on the new rug, that matches the runner in the hallway and our ‘foyer’ console table update.  And as soon as we are finished with the closet/dressing room, that will be in the following post!  We already have the one wall done and we just have to purchase the corner shelves for the other wall and another section with some shelves and a little more hanging area.  I would like to organize my clothes by type or season, something like that, I just don’t even know where to start!!  Thanks for reading, and I will be posting again soon!