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It is bittersweet to say goodbye to 2013, but I am happy to have a fresh year, start anew, and plan everything out.  Some things we would like to do in the house are finish the closet/dressing room, maybe replace the tile with hardwood in the family room (if time/money permits), change out the gold sliding blinds in the family room, and get up window treatments in the rest of the house.  For 2014 events we have my cousin’s wedding in April in Oklahoma, so we plan on doing a vacation around that.  We might possibly go to Texas first to visit friends and somehow end up back in Delaware.  We would like to do either the Hamptons or Cape Cod this summer to visit family (we didn’t get to go last year because it was the year of 5 weddings – including our own).  September 20th is Ray’s 30th birthday, which I still have to plan (any ideas?).  I wouldn’t mind doing holidays at our house since we don’t have a large immediate family, so we will see how that goes, in 10ish months haha!

For my personal goals, I would like get back to healthier eating and working out more often. I just have to stick to it. I WILL search for an elliptical machine that we can put in the basement to go along with the home gym.  I will start a workout schedule and hold myself accountable.  I purchased a month of healthy frozen dinners from an Amazon deal, hoping it will make eating a little more convenient.  I hate planning and cooking multiple meals.  Usually we just do a ton of chicken on the Foreman and microwaved chicken just tastes weird to me.

We got a lot of snow Friday, which made for beautiful pictures.  Ralphie has a blast playing in it and I was lucky enough to work from home and not have to drive in it!  Ray still had to work with a 2 hour delay, which helped because he had A LOT of shoveling to do.  My car is still not cleaned off, didn’t really need to do it, so it shall stay that way until at least tomorrow haha (Ray’s car stays in the garage since he leaves first in the morning, lucky).

dog in the snow

snow storm

We had a wonderful New Year’s celebration at a friend’s house.  We played Cards Against Humanity, until it got a little more crowded.  Then played Left, Right, Center, which was a really fun dice/gambling game (that is more fun when you win haha).  I am glad we were able to celebrate somewhere other than home, like the last few years!  Next year I think we want to go out, pay some money, do an open bar, dress up, only if we can find friends that want to do the same!  This was Ray and I’s 6th New Year’s celebration and we have never done the open bar experience, so we hope there will be some interest next year!

New Year's 2014

I hope everyone is having a good start to their year! I am excited for what is to come, and I will be productive! (being optimistic by not just saying I can be, but I WILL be!)