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We had a wonderful Christmas!  I must say, I nailed my purchases for others, at least that was the reaction I got lol.  And my husband did an AMAZING job!  Here is our tree on Christmas morning with all of the presents underneath.

christmas morning 2013

I needed a new purse, so Ray drove about an hour and a half down to the Rehobeth Beach outlets (about a week before Christmas) to get me this coach purse and clutch/wallet to match (he has great taste!). And a whole lot of charms for my bracelet! (look at the cute reindeer!) He had bought the bracelet for my 30th birthday in April with the “H” charm, then the wedding couple charm for our wedding day.  The paw charm next to the wedding charm is from my Pollyanna gift, the rest he bought. Also a bottle of wine, Starbucks gift card, some candy, lottery ticket, and small silicone bracelet stoppers.

coach pursebracelet

Can you tell everyone knew I wanted dog charms? 🙂

Ray’s parents bought us this kitchen table (we picked out previously and they dropped it off Christmas Eve!) It fits PERFECTLY in this space. They also bought us multiple gift cards (P.F. Changs, Home Depot, & Applebee”s score!), and a couple bottles of wine.


kitchen tablel

This is Ray’s Husky toolbox I bought him, had to leave it in the garage, was too big to bring inside! I also bought him a Dewalt drill, 2 sets of drill bits, Google Chromecast, Old Spice Fiji gift set, a sweater, Wild Turkey American Honey with shot tap, and a plethora of beef jerky (he loves it).

ray's gift

This is me wearing my apron for the first time ever while cooking Christmas dinner! (Of course Ralphie had to photo bomb)


This was my grandmother peeling potatoes for the mashed potatoes. She is so darn cute, and was so excited to help with cooking! The stools were not supportive enough for her to sit on comfortably (I do not recommend them for older people).  We just set up her up with a dining room chair and tray table.


This is everyone eating dinner at the table (I took the picture so my seat is empty).

Christmas dinner

This was the frosty ice cream cake that Ray’s parents bought (and it was yummy! Yes that is a knife sticking in frosty’s head, Ray was about to cut it and I said wait! I have to take a picture! So, this is how he staged the photo…)

frosty ice creak cake

All in all we had a wonderful first Christmas in the new house.  I am so excited to make more memories in our home.  I am so anxious to complete more projects and share them here with friends and family.  We finally feel complete owning our own home, and it really makes a difference on our emotional state (because we hated the apartment we lived in).  We are so much happier and in better spirits, excited to wake up and plan out our projects and have people over.

I hope everyone had a good holiday, next up, New Year’s Eve!  Cheers to a happy and healthy 2014 🙂