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This family room will be the death of me!  I am having the hardest time trying to coordinate the couch, rug, panel blinds, art/decor, tv stand, and tables.  The tile in this room is the hardest thing to coordinate, and I feel like any pattern will totally clash.  It is a marbelized pinkish/tanish color.  We have no plans on changing the tile any time soon, but hopefully the rug, and possibly some sort of fire place cover, will hide most of it.  Here are some pictures of my ideas.  And I would love to hear ANY suggestions and input from anyone 🙂  Thanks in advance!

This is the couch we ordered (Zella Charcoal left facing chaise sectional), it is ‘supposed‘ to come in on the 21st (fingers crossed). Purchased from Furniture Pick

gray chaise couch

This is the family room/tile that I am working with…

family room tile fireplace house12

These are the old blinds.  And then the panel ones that we would like to purchase (not sure which color though).

sliding door blinds

I am clueless on the rug.  I found many that I like, but what the heck will look good on the tile? I don’t really want to have to do a solid color, but it might just look best? I know I am probably over thinking…

Then there is what to hang on the walls.  A coworker suggested floating shelves on the side walls on either side of the fireplace.  Then the center… We do have a 16×20 wedding photo.  I just don’t think it is the right place.  I want to get something new, and there are just too many choices…  I found a lot of ideas on pinterest, so I will humor you with all of these grandiose and probably not quite attainable choices.  Ray does not want to put the t.v. above the fireplace so I tried to get the same effect in these pins.

This would be a lot of work but I like the idea (pinterest)


I love the gray, I know I need to add more color though! (pinterest)


This is quite a larger fireplace than we have, but I am liking the design, and one side would need a t.v. (pinterest)


I am not so focused on the furniture aspect, but what to hang on the walls right now.  I think the shelving idea is fun, but we have so many projects right now, it might be something we have to wait to do.  It is also hard to find balance when once side will have a t.v. and the other, who knows…  The middle is something that I am struggling with because I would like a piece of art, I think, but then a part of me likes the sunburst mirrors, or something similar….  I wish I could just hire someone to do the whole house! haha

Then as far as tables, I think we were going to do black, but again, might not coordinate too well with other things.  We have a simple Ikea side table in black right now: LACK side table

LACK side table in black

And I was thinking something like this for the coffee table (London 3 tier coffee table at walmart)

London 3 tier coffee table

And so many more ideas on Pinterest, why oh why is this so difficult?!  I hope some of my designer friends can come to the rescue!!!!  I wish I could make an idea board, but my ideas all over the place and I am so indecisive….  Feel free to email me as well if you have pictures and other ideas that are too much for the comments!

I hope to post my Christmas Table Scape soon!  I need to get to Bed, Bath & Beyond to exchange our table cloth.  Our colors are different now that we are in the house.  15 days until Christmas!!