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So this weekend I finally got some stuff put away and started decorating (a little).  Ray got some more fence done, as well as the fence gate.  And then it snowed on Sunday (pretty, but a bummer when I needed to get some shopping done!).  The roads were not salted so I didn’t even attempt to go out…  The Verizon guy FINALLY came to bury our the cable in the yard (it started snowing mid dig).  We got FIOS installed Nov. 12th…  Yea, took a little too long… And I am going to link to one of my favorite blog group Christmas home tours, because I want to share with everyone, these girls can seriously decorate… I am jealous!

First up – this is Ralphie sitting on the foot stool, with our Christmas tree and stockings hung by the fire, in the background.  My aunt handmade the custom stockings and tree skirt for my bridal shower, they are AWESOME! I had to hang the stockings with command hooks, until we get a mantle (among other projects!)

dog christmas tree fireplace 2013 hand sewn custom stockings tree skirt with names xmas tree skirt with names

This is the front entry way when you come in to the right, below the stair case.  This is where most of my decorations went.  We don’t have much furniture to decorate on, so it goes here!  I have a few houses, snowmen, stuffed animals, candle holders, a little “LOVE” word art.  The dog on the right middle is from Hallmark and he sings when you squeeze his foot 🙂  Ralphie goes nuts when his ears flap and the tail wags haha. The bottom shelf has a couple snowman candle holders, angel candle holders, and a basket with a Santa hat.

front entry xmas entry close up xmas

Next up is the Curio cabinet.  This was my grandmother’s and I kept it after we sold her house in 2011.  There are several of her pieces in there including a LLadro Ballerina and vintage Lenox vase.  Also visible, is the Tiffany’s vase my cousin Nicky bought us for my bridal shower (top shelf).  What girl doesn’t love Tiffany’s??  I also added one of the clocks my grandfather had in his collection on top.  This is one of the first things you see when you walk in the door to the left.

front entry xmas

curio cabinet lenox vase lladro ballerina

This is the secretary desk my grandparents bought me about 7 years ago.  It sat in a box in my apartment until I met Ray, who then built it for me haha!  We use it as china cabinet/wine glass storage/dining room storage.  We don’t have much room in the dining room so this works.  You will see my grandmother’s china set, tea pot, sugar bowl, and serving bowls included.  I threw a couple other decorative things in there for color.  Like the blue vase from Mexico and the black and white candle that was a gift.  Also included is the oathing stone from our wedding, engraved with our names and wedding date.  When you open the desk part, I have a very old silver plated tea set, and some cake plates (also my grandmother’s).  These will definitely come in to play when doing table setting and other entertaining.

secretary desk

Now the fun part. SNOW!  Ralphie was so excited and loved playing in the snow.  I posted a video on my facebook here Ralphie snow video. (If you are not already friends with me, send me a request!)

dog running in the snow

It also covered the skylights in the family room.

snow covering skylight

Our first snowy home picture! (Ray did such a great job shoveling 😉 )

house snow 2013

And one more for your viewing pleasure… Ray bought some Cornish hens at his last grocery store stop, and this was the outcome.  They were delish!  He just sprinkled some salt, pepper, and thyme and threw them in the oven for an hour and 15 minutes.  This was my first time every having one, and I was pleasantly surprised! Perfect for a Sunday dinner.

cornish hen diiner

I will be adding some more room updates later this week!

Here is the link to the Christmas Blogger Stylin Home Tour hosted by Lindsay at the White Buffalo. There were a bunch today, and I can’t wait for more posts tomorrow!  17 days until Christmas 😀