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We are very lucky to have had all the appliances come with our new house.  Some of them may be a little old, but we don’t have the money to buy new ones yet.  Our dishwasher was in pretty good shape, but there were rust spots on the racks.  Ray searched for how to repair the rack and found some really great info.  I don’t have the exact site he found, but it was really simple.  He bought a dremel (said he needed one anyway), which is like a really fast small spinning sander.  There are several different bits for different types of materials.  I never knew what this tool was called before, so this was a good education for me.  After grinding down the rusted spots, he cleaned the ends with alcohol to prep the spots for coating.  To coat the edges he used Performix Rerack. I linked to a site that has a good price, but you can get it at any Lowe’s or Home Depot for around $6 or $7 for an ounce.  Ray didn’t use the whole thing after coating about 8 edges.  After the first coat he waited a few hours until doing the second coat.

dish rack rusteddish rack rerack

I didn’t get the same end and angle, but you get the point.  It looks much better, and is much more sanitary.  We let the second coat dry for about a day, just to be safe.  Ray did all the coating in the garage with the door open, the smell is pretty strong!  You could probably trim down the coating so its smooth, but we didn’t feel the need.  This was definitely cheaper than buying new dish racks!

Hope this may help anyone out that may need to do the same thing!  I will be posting some pictures and progress of our fence soon!  We also hope to get some decorating done this weekend 🙂