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We FINALLY settled on our new home, and I couldn’t be happier!  Everything went really well.  We had a pretty quick meeting at the lawyer’s office (DE requires a lawyer for settlement).  He slotted an hour, and it took an hour!  Shocker!  We have heard some crazy stories about these meetings taking 3 – 4 hours.  What a relief that was!  The seller was very nice and she kept EVERY manual for anything she ever bought in the house and gave us a book with all the information, which should be VERY helpful.  We had the final walk through on Sunday where we had already met the seller, she wanted to show us where everything was, how to use the alarm system, what trees and plants needed to be pulled out and/or tended to.  We got the whole story!

We are SO thankful Ray’s mom was watching Ralphie so we didn’t have to worry about leaving him in the crate for too long!

We went straight to the DMV after settlement so I could change my address on my license, and so that Ray could get his new DE license.  I got mine, unfortunately Ray did not have all of his documentation.  Even after reading everything he didn’t have his birth certificate.  DE is really strict with all their documentation, license, passport, birth certificate, and at least 2 utility bills to prove you live in the state.  A little much!  So after I was finished, we went to the house!  We had the garage door opener so we parked in the garage.  We walked around again and I brought in my little basket I prepared with essentials: toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, paper plates, plastic cups, bleach, and plastic gloves.  We thought about what we wanted to do first, we were there a lot earlier than we expected.  We went back to the apartment, got a few bags/boxes, some tools, a couple chairs etc… and headed back to the house.  We took out the board and blinds that were in the loft windows and surveyed the backyard so we could decide what to do for the fence.  We decided to go look at paint, again, and bought a little sample.  We stopped back at Ray’s parents for some painting supplies and slapped a little test paint in the dining room.  We decided we liked it, and went back to Ray’s parents for dinner (they are just too good to us!).  Then we went back to Home Depot to buy the paint and some other supplies (blue tape, drop cloth, sand sponge, etc…).  Ray’s parents met us at the house with Ralphie.  He ran around and sniffed the whole perimeter of every room.  He was running around like crazy!  Luckily he went to the back door when he had to go to the bathroom, at least he still knew how to do that!  Ray’s parents left and Ray prepped the dining room with the blue tape and we were so exhausted we went home.  I wish we could have done more, but it really was a long day.  I had to work today, but Ray went to the house after he was done work to paint the dining room.  He is such a good husband!  My work hours make it difficult for me to do anything at 7:30 at night.  I will be bringing him dinner and helping to finish anything up.  I can’t wait to start moving more stuff in this weekend and finish painting!  More pictures to come!  We didn’t have anyone to take a picture of us out front, but we will get a shot this weekend!  Now to celebrate with some dinner and bubbly in the new house 🙂

This is the kitchen eat in area before, then after I put the wine rack in it.  I know not much done but progress, nonetheless.

Eat in kitchenwine rack

Dining room before, during, and after painting. This is only the first coat, the lovely chandelier made some nice shadows on the wall, I will take a different one in daylight.

dining roompaintingpainted dining room