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I am so utterly excited about settlement in 5 days, I cannot contain myself!  I got up super early this morning so I could do some extra packing before I had to get ready for work.  I tried the plastic bag method and have some clothes all packed up. They are still hanging but ready to move.  So far I have 3 totes packed full of clothes, with a ton more to pack! (I have WAY too many clothes).  I packed 6 measuring cups, because really, who needs 6 anyway? I left the tiny one just in case (that makes 7 total, wow!).  This came about when I was trying to put some pots in the cabinet and those darn measuring cups were just in the way.  Packed those suckers up and now I have more room.  We may need to cook in the next week and a half (haha) so I will still need some pots and pans around, but one measuring cup will do!  I am trying to figure out what things are not necessary to have and just get those things all into boxes.  We won’t technically be moving in until the weekend of the 16/17th since we still have to install the fence and do a little painting (by a little I mean 3 rooms – dining room, partially finished basement, master bedroom, and I only want to do one wall in the master bedroom).  Hopefully we can get the painting done Tuesday after signing all the papers.  We both took the day off and I hope to do as much as we can to prepare before moving everything in.  So who wants to help me move? 😉

I am hoping the next few days fly by, because my patience is wearing thin and I want to get into this house already.  The long nights at work don’t help when everyone leaves at 5 p.m. and I am there practically by myself until 7.  That will change once we get another service desk person, the sooner the better!  The move will only add about five minutes onto my morning drive, and make it about 5 minutes less for Ray.  Not a huge difference, but I am excited that there is a drive thru Dunkin Donuts on my way!

For those of you with experience moving, when did you start packing, and how long did it take you?  We seriously started in the beginning of October, one box at a time, a little here and there.  Now I am ready to do some major packing and be ready to go!

First project: finish fencing and clear this backyard….Back yard